TSIS Instructors Courses - Knife Awareness Training Programme

These courses have been design specifically designed to be factual, pramatic and easy to learn in a single day as foundation level instructors training.

Importantly TSIS courses are cost effective and relevant one day programmes which reduce the overall cost of those who wish to gain an instructors related grade but cannot always commit to several days training back-to-back.

The content of each course can be bolted on to existing skills sets for those who already instruct/coach but require additional specific subject-matter enhancement.  And for the record TSIS courses do not cover subjects or techniques that have no direct relevance to their specific subject titles.

For more details about each respective course please feel to to contact ERT and we will be more than happy to provide you with more information about our Instructor/Trainer courses which in turn have the real potential to increase your knowledge and income!

Instructors Courses:

Personal Safety Trainer (including breakaway techniques module)
ERT has delivered this course's core subject to a wide variety of people ranging from professional individuals, educational establishments and the general public etc.  So you can be sure that what is conveyed on the day has been refined over several years and employed by many as a direct result.

So often is the case that many existing instructors with good intentions sadly fail to deliver the correct degree of personal safety awareness training on their respective courses.  This one day instructors course addresses this fact and in turn end-users will be furnished with a much greater awareness regards personal safety issues and protocols.

This course is conveyed in a very factual, visual, no nonsense and informative approach to this very important subject.  In addition, an effective and easy to learn set of breakaway techniques will also to included in this course which will allow Trainers to add that all important team-based activity for those who request this particular skills-set instruction.

Successful Trainer candidates will receive several stand-alone power-point presentations (plus other resources) that will allow them to conduct training to Lone Workers, educational establishments, housing authorities and many other employment sectors.  Equally, Trainers will be able to run open courses regards serving their respective communities by delivering real awareness training that is practical, honest and employable!

If you are looking to enhance your knowledge of this subject and in turn reap from your investment then this is certainly the course to attend!

Next Instructors Course: 2014 - date TBC (Total Dojo - Milton Keynes).  For more information: EMAIL
KEWAP Instructor
KEWAP Instructors are trained to facilitate the instruction for everyone in society including children (resources include a unique presentation for U18s).  KEWAP Instructors provide safe, informative and enjoyable training for those requesting specific edged weapon related awareness training and instruction.

If you are looking to enhance your understanding on my levels of the urban edged weapon threat then this is certainly the course for you.  For more information about becoming a KEWAP Instructor and joining our growing team of specialists please visit:  www.kewap.org.uk

Next Instructors course: 2014 - date TBC (Total Dojo - Milton Keynes).  For more information: EMAIL

Refresher Training - minimum of 4 hours per year (either KEWAP course).

Senior KEWAP Instructor
This course is an advancement of the initial KEWAP Instructors course which also carries with it the much sort after Skills for Security (SfS) accredited 'Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition' course (4 street related classifications).  The theoretical content of this course helps to document in detail the differences between edged weapons and other classifications of street related weapons.

In addition, there is an advancement on the physical skills content which takes edged weapon defence techniques & tactics training to a much higher level.

Next Course: November 2014 - date TBC (Total Dojo - Milton Keynes). For more information: EMAIL

Realistic Street Grappling Instructor (delivered by Tony Davis of Total Dojo - TSIS Centre of Excellence)
It is the aim of this course is to teach cutting edge principles and effective grappling techniques from both standing and on the ground. This one day foundation and modulated instructors course is ideal if you are an instructor looking to add something new, honest and very pragmatic to your existing curriculum.

Next Instructors course: 2014 - date TBC (Total Dojo - Milton Keynes).  For more information: EMAIL

Most instructors in this day and age know the importance of having a well rounded understanding of the different ranges of urban combat. Therefore, this course will help to furnish instructor candidates with a real understanding of solid grappling survival tactics and how to teach these safely and effectively.

Self-Defence Instructor - Advanced BTEC Level 3
This course will provide you with the knowledge you will require to be able to provide safe, effective and legal Self Defence Instruction. In turn, this course includes the appropriate Health & Safety Regulations and compliance with Health and Safety Statute.  The Law in regards to the use of force for self preservation (self-defence) which includes compliance with the convention rights as made clear by the Human Right Act 1998.

Successful Instructor candidates with gain the coveted Advanced BTEC Level 3 Award in Self Defence Instruction.  Successful candidates will also obtain resources to be able to deliver this training to the highest standards possible as well as be in a position awarded BTEC Level 2 Awards to their course candidates (licensing required with the NFPS regards issuing BTEC awards).

Please note: The Advanced BTEC Level 3 Award in Self Defence Instruction is the only awarded of its kind available in the world to date.

Catastrophic Scenario Survival Instructor (CSS)
Info to follow.