Welcome to Trident Safety & Intervention Systems (TSIS)

TSIS which is the 'physical skills arm' of Elite Response Training (ERT) delivers self-defence and breakaway techniques training plus a variety of personal safety presentations and Lone Worker programmes etc.  TSIS also has a range of security and healthcare sector related courses suitable for respective industries.

The primary aim of TSIS is to deliver greater awareness regards reducing the chances of falling prey to violence in general.  The Secondary aim is teach candidates how to employ the appropriate physical response options in order to enhance one's own survival and limit the chances of being an outright victim to violence.

TSIS techniques, protocols and concepts are derived from a variety of physical response systems, many years of development and teaching in most mainstream sectors of society.  TSIS techniques help to furnish end-users with the response options needed to enhance their survival prospects within an ever-increasing violent society.

In the main, 3 hours and 6 hours courses are available as well as specialised in-house seminars and long term training.  In order to become proficient regards any physical skills as taught on a TSIS course it is 'strongly' advised that continuation and bi-annual training is sought.

In general, TSIS instruction is educational and enjoyable, it enhances self-confidence, social interaction and importantly it helps to develop Skills for Life!

Please note: Trident Safety & Intervention Systems formerly traded as Trident Self-Defence Training (as seen on TV) until 2012.

Personal Safety and Knife Awareness Training Courses

Women’s Self-Defence Training - (3 hours & 6 hours)
Muggings, rapes, attacks on women in their own homes, violent assaults against women on public transport and on the high street have become everyday occurrences across the UK. In a society where violence against women is almost a daily topic of conversation for media there has never been a better time than now for women of all ages to undergo self-defence training.

Breakaway Techniques Training - (3 hours & 6 hours)
In an age where self-defence related training is so important for everyone Breakaway Techniques Training is certainly a must for everyone.  This form of self-defence training increases the victim's chances of ‘disengaging’ from an attack and thereafter increasing the odds for a successful escape in order to raise the alarm.  

Lone Worker Personal Safety Training - (3 hours & 6 hours)
Everyone who is classed as a Lone Worker should undergo employment specific personal safety training.  Those who employ frontline staff in a variety of Lone Worker positions have by employment related Laws a duty-of-care to ensure that their staff are trained in regards to their safety whilst at work.

Personal Safety Specific Presentation - Adult & U18s Variants (1 hour or 2 hours)
Elite Response Training delivers a very unique and enlightening presentation regards everyday personal safety protocols.  This covers lone walking, using public transport, home safety (generic), passage of information, when socialising and much more.  If you are truly interested in enhancing your own personal safety and those placed within your charge then call Elite Response Training today without fail. 

Please note: For those who are looking for a team-based activity in addition to a personal safety related presentation, an enjoyable breakaway techniques module can also be included. Upon request this course can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.  Extended personal safety presentations can also be delivered upon request (over 2 hours).

U18s - Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP) - (1 hour)
In the UK and in education it is now widely thought that educating those under eighteen years of age to the ramifications of carrying knives and other edged weapons is a must. Sadly the fact still remains that many who attend education in both inner city areas and even affluent towns are carrying of bladed articles and this problem is not going away.

U18s KEWAP is a classroom based activity which lasts approximately 1 hour. It consists of a unique student survey (statistical feedback to the establishment), an engaging power-point presentation (including personal safety measures) plus a team building task which concludes with ‘Risk Vs Cost’.

Important: U18s KEWAP is probably the most informative, engaging & enjoyable 60 minutes of training a person aged between 11 - 18 years is likely to ever undergo.  Please be aware that this is a classroom based activity and that no physical response options training will be taught unless requested.

Adult - Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP) - (3 hours & 6 hours)
It seems that almost every day in one national newspaper or another or on the evening news there is reference to someone being attacked by a knife or edged weapon assailant. So, in an age where you are more likely to be killed by an edged weapon assailant than you are by someone firing a handgun at you, now is the time to undergo edged weapons awareness training.

Firstly, the adult KEWAP differs from the U18s programme in that physical response options are taught.  Secondly, more in-depth personal safety protocols are explained in detail and upon requested safe and measured pressure testing can be included.  

The full 6 hours programme is the most comprehensive course of its kind in the UK to date.  The 3 hours programme covers generic physical response options training in addition to power-point presentations which help to underpin the edged weapon threat. Specialised and annual presentations can also be arranged upon request.

Bespoke Personal Safety Programmes
Example - a bespoke training course could incorporate an introduction to 'self-defence and the Law' plus defence techniques conducive to common attack scenarios. The remainder of the course can then be designed to suit those requesting specific instruction and therefore maximise the training programme’s content.

Industry Specific Courses (Security & Healthcare etc.)

Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition - (approx 4 hours) - Skills for Security Accredited
This course has been specifically designed as an introduction to weapons awareness and recognition training.  Anyone who works in frontline security related employments including the Police & HMP Officers plus Military personnel will benefit much from this highly informative and engaging course.  Also, those who teach/instruct personal safety related subjects and/or empty-hand skills will certainly benefit from this unique package.

Please note:  This is the only recognised and formally accredited course of its kind in the world.

Physical Intervention - PI (Restraint) - (3 hours & 6 hours)
Physical Intervention (PI) training is high value skills for those who work in specialised healthcare environments, security employments and custodial/detention facilities.  PI training via TSIS can be bespoked to suit the exact needs of those who will require specific skills regards their service users.  As with most TSIS course, all PI courses come with them power-point presentations under-pinning the Law and the legalities of applying restraint in general.

Please note:  Long term training and specialised scenario based modules can be added to your training requirements.

Counter Terrorism Awareness Training (SfS/BTEC) - TBC upon course completion
The Counter Terrorism Awareness (CTA) course is a unique one day programme designed to furnish end-users with a variety of facts and protocols regards this interesting subject.

Topics such as the history of terrorism and its affects, risk reduction measures to reduce the threat you face and post attack or incident considerations will be covered.  A host of other relevant and important modules will be discussed on this interesting and highly informative course.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to each candidate who completes this programme.  In addition, those wishing to gain the much coveted BTEC Level 2 qualification in CTA may do so.

ASP Baton Training & Tactical Handcuffing - (3 hours & 6 hours)
ASP Baton and Tactical Handcuffing is specific to those who work in either frontline Police employments, prison establishments and military detention facilities etc.  Those who are also returning to frontline duties but do not have access to a unit/dett instructor and require refresher training should contact ERT without delay.