Training Director - Steven Timperley

Steven holds of a wide variety of national accredited qualifications to instruct weapons awareness and recognition, physical intervention and fitness related activities. He is also highly qualified to teach personal security, self-defence and an array of pragmatic martial arts systems. Over the years he has amassed a wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience relating directly to violence in its various forms.

Steven served twenty-two years in the British Army from 1986 - 2008. He completed seven operational tours of duty, many of which he was employed in specialist roles in often hazardous and hostile environments. After one particular operational deployment he was awarded a ‘General Officer Commanding’s Commendation’ for services rendered. During his military career Steven was an advisor and instructor to various military units regarding personal security, self-defence and physical intervention (C&R) training.

For many years Steven has supported his local community teaching self-defence and advising various organisations including educational establishments (staff & pupils) on personal security issues. During his career he has gained a strong reputation as being an individual who cares and commits 100% to those he instructs and it is this dedication to others that has been reported as admirable on a variety of occasions.

Steven has been featured heavily in various regional newspapers, appeared in mainstream martial arts magazines, as a guest on BBC radio talking about personal security issues and on television many times with clients and students.

Steven is not only the Training Director of Elite Response Training and the Founder of Trident Safety & Intervention Systems (TSIS), he is also the creator of the highly respected 'Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme' (KEWAP).  To date KEWAP now has some 200 instructors throughout the UK delivering to community organisations, educational establishments and specialist employed persons including Police and Security Personnel.

To date Steven has been recognised both nationally and internationally for his contribution to the martial arts and he is fast becoming a much sort after Personal Safety Specialist. Impressively Steven was the first member of the Combined Armed Forces to have received the highly prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Register of Exercise Professionals in 2004.


"Steve Timperley is not only a great coach, but he is someone with firsthand operational experience in dealing with life threatening situations. He was one of the Army's elite self-protection instructors whose pragmatic approach to training has yielded exceptional operational results.  However, in spite of Steve's obvious exceptional ability and undisputed operational track record, he is a humble and likeable man who has a natural ability to make everyone seem at ease in his presence."

Mark Dawes - National Tutor & Director of the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) & Author of Understanding Reasonable Force

"Steven Timperley represents the modern face of Martial Arts and Self-Protection. He has forged a first-class system, blending the best of traditional martial arts and the modern concepts of personal combat.  He has military experience to add to the mix and the end result is an effective system from a highly respected instructor."

Peter Consterdine - Author, International Security Consultant & joint Chief Instructor of the British Combat Association

"I was very impressed by Steven’s training capabilities during a day’s course on the KEWAP seminar and his course offered extremely valuable training and life skills.  He is not only a very professional and reliable instructor, but he also fully understands the corporate model."

SM - Ex-SAS (Special Air Service)

"Steven Timperley has provided Control and Restraint training and KEWAP (Knives and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme) training to all 42 of the Security Officers employed in the University of Leeds Security Services. The standard of training provided in both the Control and Restraint and the KEWAP courses was of the highest calibre, and his knowledge pertaining to edged weapons in particular is way beyond that which I would expect from a training provider. I thoroughly recommend Steven and his company Elite Response Training to all Heads of Security / Security Operations Managers looking for first-class training for their staff."

Alan Cain - Security Manager of Leeds University

"Steven Timperley stands head and shoulders above the majority of his peers. He is a consummate professional who completely understands what his industry requires and what the sort of service will be expected in the future. He is ahead of the game and it is for that reason I have selected his courses in 2011 aside from the rest."

Jamie Clubb - Author, Writer and Self-protection Specialist

"I have had the privilege of knowing Steve for some years now. We served together in HM Forces where he displayed the same professionalism and work ethic that stays with him to this day.   He is not only regarded as one of the very best trainers and practitioners in his fields of personal protection, self defence and security, but over the years Steve has worked selflessly in his work in the community, charity work and in the establishing of the UK Martial Arts Alliance."

Anthony Walsh - Security Manager & Close Protection Specialist

"I found the KEWAP course to be fun and refreshing. At last a highly resourceful and comprehensive package that's easy and enjoyable to learn, take away and deliver with all the materials included.  Anyone that's serious about teaching the subject of knife awareness to all age groups need not hesitate in taking this course."

Tony Hughes - Fire Fighter & Joint Chief Instructor of K.S.C.K.M.

"KEWAP is an effective Instructor Course and helpful plug-in for any defence instructor or safety advisor teaching awareness in schools, the wider community or working with young people, and is a stark reminder for all of how serious this subject is.  Most refreshingly the undertaking of KEWAP and the other work of the UKMAA is a welcomed opportunity for instructors in the field to work collaboratively to produce intelligent solutions for real-life problems throughout, both here in the UK and abroad."

Kirsty Henderson - President of Five Rings Training Fight Association, GB Squad Coach

"Just back home after another excellent day of learning on the Knife & Edged Weapon Awareness Programme (KEWAP) Senior Instructors' training. Mr Steven Timperley delivers consistently in a first class manner and remains approachable as ever."

Floyd Brown - Master Personal Trainer & Pragmatic Specialist


"Just wanted to say I thought the whole day was extremely worthwhile and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was both informative with information that I can actually use.  The techniques are easy to remember in stressful situations as well as being easy to learn which is a big plus for some of my candidates."

Julian Whitehead - SIA & P.I Instructor

"I have had the pleasure of being an attendee on the course and I thank Steven vigorously for creating such a programme that can be taught to the general public. As for KEWAP, I wish it the success it deserves."

Tony Cloughton - Chief Instructor of ARC Self-Defence